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Central Sierra Money Talks 4-H Project

Project Leader
Denise Veffredo
dveffredo@ucanr.edu  Ph. 530-621-5568

Open to ages 9 to 18, younger youth may need assistance with writing, reading, and projects.

This project is designed to teach members about how money works through a series of virtual meetings 1 hour a week for 6 weeks. This project includes fun games and meaningful discussions about money. After the 6th week an optional stock market game is offered with prizes with those who would like to participate in this 6 additional weeks of the game.

Meetings: Every Monday from August 17th thru September 21st at 4:00 p.m. (meeting are 60 minutes) via Zoom

Week One: Introduction Money Basics including fun money facts, Money values, habits, attitudes, and allocating funds according to these concepts. How to write a check. How to count money back.

Week Two: Budgets including a budgeting game 

Week Three: Wants vs. needs, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, allocating income, decreasing expenses, decision making, and the Step-down Principle.

Week Four: Savings, pay yourself first, SMART financial goal setting, charitable giving, opportunity cost, volunteering time. Retirement game.

Week Five: Credit, credit costs, responsibilities of borrowers and lenders, advantages, and disadvantages of using credit and when it is appropriate to use credit. Interest rates.

Week Six: Interest, compound interest, saving does not equal investing, Rule of 72, time value of money, diversification.

Week Seven/twelve: Optional Stock Market game: More information to follow.

Required Project Supplies: 

Google Classroom including google sheets
Folder to hold papers
Computer/printer and Internet 
3X5 cards
Poster board for week 2.
*paper money is supplied if members sign up by August 10th. Otherwise members can use monopoly money from home.

Project Links

Money Talks Webpage