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Record Book Resources

State Record Book Competition 2020
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4-H Record Books give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work. Members document their skill development and learning experiences in a written report.
4-H members measure their achievements and growth.

We now have forms for Primary Members to start learning the skill of Record Management. 

Record Book covers may be purchased at your County 4-H Office. They may also be purchased at: 4-H Mall.

4-H State webpage for the latest information about:

Record Book Manual

Individual Forms and Primary Members Form:

  Personal Development Report - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.

  Annual Project Report - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.

  Leadership Development Report - For Intermediate and Senior members only.

  Resume Template - For Senior Members only.

Training Guides:

Amador County Record Book Introduction

Tuolumne County Record Book Overview

Record Book Competitions
Where and how are 4-H Record Books reviewed and evaluated?

Record Books are first reviewed at the local level by 4-H Community Club/Unit Leaders and Project Leaders. See your Club Leader/Record Book Chair for due dates to be judged.

Next, Record Books are judged at the County Level. See your Club Leader/Record Book Chair or your county  UCCE office website for date & location.

Last, Record Books State Level - for Senior Members only

See details of record book competitions from the 4-H State YDP web page.