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Returning Adult Volunteers

True Leaders Aren't Born, They're Grown!

Welcome back to 4-H!

Thank you for your continued support as a 4-H adult volunteer. As a volunteer, you play an important role in the development of young people, helping them to identify their spark and develop the skills and positive outcomes that lead to thriving. Below are the steps to being reappointed as a volunteer. We look forward to working with you as a valuable asset to the 4-H Youth Development Program.

The State 4-H Office has implemented a new training requirement for 4-H adult volunteers in this program year 2017-2018. Before being approved in the 4hOnline enrollment system, volunteers will need to complete courses in the eXtension Campus website. Instructions for creating an account and completing these are included below.  

Re-apply annually by December 31

All 4-H volunteers must be appointed annually. If you are a current 4-H Adult Volunteer, to continue in the next year you need to re-apply and be re-appointed by December 31stto continue with no break in service.

Steps for Re-Appointment of a 4-H Adult Volunteer

Step 1: Submit your 4-H adult volunteer re-application in 4hOnline.

Go to 4HOnline Enrollment
Login to your family profile in 4HOnline. Login to adult record and click “Enroll for 2017-2018.” Enter all required information and submit. 4hOnline adult status will show as pending.

New in 2017: Your Health History form is now in 4hOnline. Please fill in completely - this can be accessed for participation in 4-H events and activities.

Step 2: Complete required “2018-19 California Returning Volunteers Training” in eXtension.

Go to eXtension Campus website. Create a new account, check your email and click on the confirmation link, log into eXtension and click “2018-19 California Returning Volunteers Training” and enter the code. See note below.

  • Maintaining an Inclusive 4-H Experience (10 min)
  • Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers (15 min)

(*Note: Once adult status is pending in 4hOnline, an email will be sent from 4hOnline with instructions to take the required trainings and a link for the code. Every individual must use their own unique email address. For technical support, please contact idevelopsupport@ucanr.edu.)

More Information About eXtension and In Person eXtension Training Options

Step 3: Submit 4-H program fees.

Pay 4-H Enrollment Fees Online.
Submit your program fee online or to your county 4-H office. They will log in to 4hOnline to confirm when payments are received so your enrollment can be processed. In addition to the State 4-H fees, your county and club may have additional fees, depending on the project(s) you choose.

4-H Adult enrollment fees for the 2018-2019 program year are $20.00. (NOTE: There is a processing fee added when paying online.)

The application is reviewed by the county director If approved, notification will be sent from 4hOnline. If there are any limitations on the appointment, a subsequent letter will be sent. If not approved, a letter will be sent to you from the county director.

Step 4: Required reading

By enrolling in the 4-H Youth Development Program you are agreeing to the following (see your county's enrollment policies and guidelines below):

If you have a break in service

If you have a break in service as a 4-H Adult Volunteer, please follow the process for New Volunteers.

Need Help

Confused? Please go to our ENROLLMENT HELP page for assistance.

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