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Volunteering in 4-H

4-H enrollment begins July 1st each program year and is conducted by the 4-H office in each county.

Current (active for the last program year) 4-H Adult Volunteers:

Important: Adults must re-enroll each 4-H Program year to remain active. A break in service requires member to begin the enrollment process as a new volunteer.

Adults are eligible to apply to be a 4-H Volunteer at 18 years or older, but cannot overlap if they are enrolled as a youth member.

Chaperones must be 21 years of age or older.

Current Volunteers need to re-enroll and turn in the necessary forms and fees each year to stay current. Click here to ENROLL NOW. (If volunteers fail to enroll for a year they will need to re-fingerprint and go through the orientation process when re-enrolling. So volunteers are encouraged to enroll and pay the fee if they are only planning on taking a year off.)

New Volunteers need to complete this process:

  1. Complete the enrollment process, ENROLL NOW, and turn in the forms and fees.

  2. Attend the Volunteer Leader Orientation - Your local 4-H Program Representative will contact you to schedule an orientation date or notify you of future orientation in-house dates. Plus the 4-H State office has a new Volunteer Training online courses in the eXtension system. This interactive training series introduces you to the best practices in positive youth development that are used in 4-H. You will receive the login instructions after you complete and submit your 4hOnline profile. The trainings are available in English. Spanish training is coming soon!

  3. Receive fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice -  Each entity requesting your fingerprints has their own reporting number, this is why you must fingerprint for any organization when working with children. 
4-H Wants You!

We are currently seeking volunteers to donate 2-3 hours a month helping youth explore their spark and passion. Being a 4-H volunteer is a rewarding experience for both the adult and the youth.

Initial commitment is less then a few hours of online training and and another 3 hours to meet the program rep. for an in-house training about learning styles and teaching techniques, fingerprinting, and an annual enrollment fee ($20 for 2018/2019). That's it!

Resources for Adult Volunteers