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Food Safety

Should You Can on Smooth Cooktop Stoves?

Master Food Preservers are frequently asked about canning on smooth cooktop stoves.  It depends on the manufacturer's recommendation. Get more information from the National Center for Home Food Preservation about preserving on smooth cooktop stoves.

Holiday Food Safety

Do you have questions about your Holiday Dinner? How long to keep leftovers? Or how to clean your Turkey? See these resources and find out what you need to know.

Master Food Preservers Teach Safe Home Food Preservation

Food Safety Blogs

Start seedlings for your spring-summer vegetable garden
Posted 2/28/2017 - Get a jump start on your spring-summer vegetable garden. Start growing seedlings indoors now to have young plants ready to go into the ground when the weather warms and there is no longer a threat of frost. Growing vegetables from seeds is a passion for...

Building trust in food systems – here and in Cambodia
Posted 2/21/2017 - What is the role of trust in our food system? Here in the United States, our trust in food is often implicit. We can generally trust that the fruits and vegetables we buy at a grocery store or farmers market are safe to eat — and we are often free...

Changes in breast milk sugars impact babies’ health and growth
Posted 2/8/2017 - When it comes to nursing moms and their babies, an elegant web of cause and effect connects climate, breast milk, gut microbes and infant health. That web was clearly illustrated by a recently published study involving 33 women and their babies in the...

A super bowl of chili: Something to crow about
Posted 1/30/2017 - Life is just a bowl of…ch...no, not cherries! Chili! Make that chicken chili. When the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons square off at Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 5 in Houston, odds are that feathers will fly and football fans will...

Pecan pie: A holiday tradition and a treat
Posted 12/20/2016 - “Ahh, nuts!” This time of year, you're probably thinking “Ahh, pecans!” And particularly, “Ahh, pecan pie!” We do love our pecans. The U.S. produces 80 to 95 percent of the world's pecans, and most are grown in...

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