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Farm Advisor

Lynn Wunderlich is the U.C. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor for commercial* agriculture in the Central Sierra.

EMAIL: lrwunderlich@ucdavis.edu

*Backyard vineyard, orchard and garden questions?
Please contact the Master Gardeners for advice: http://cecentralsierra.ucanr.org/Master_Gardeners/

B.Sc. Bacteriology. Emphasis in Plant Pathology. University of Wisconsin-Madison. 1985
M.Sc. Plant Protection and Pest Management. University of California-Davis. 1997
California Pest Control Advisor (PCA)
California Qualified Applicator License (QAL)


  • Wine grape nutrition, foothill soils, and "red leaf" symptoms
    Sprayer Calibration workshop
  • Evaluating the powdery mildew index for foothill grown grapes
  • Early leaf pulling for Botryis management in grapes
  • New tools for irrigation management: pressure bombing and the "surface renewal" method
  • Sprayer calibration education for improved spray efficiency
  • Evaluating Nordmann and Turkish Fir for Christmas Tree production in the Sierra foothills

View Lynn's Orchard IPM Interview
View Lynn's Orchard IPM Interview
Lynn was recently interviewed by the University's Extending Orchard Knowledge in California website team. View her interview on The Value of IPM in the Orchard.



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