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  • Mulched tree
    Observations on Mandarin Mulching Research

    Two years ago, UCCE Placer/Nevada embarked on a study to evaluate pruning and mulching in five local mandarin orchards. In a blog posted in June 2017, I discussed the beginnings of the study, the specific treatments and what the study was hoping to...

    By Robert Bonk
    Author - Research Associate
    By Cindy Fake
    Editor - County Director, Placer and Nevada Counties, Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor
  • Barn owl flying- PC Linda Wright
    Barn Owls: Biological Control

    I usually enjoy life and growing things as a farmer, however I was excited in the recent weeks to see the remains of something most definitely dead; owl pellets under an artificial nesting site. After a couple barn owl boxes were installed last year, I...

    By Hannah Meyer
    Author - Community Education Specialist
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