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Mite Management and Spray Calibration Meeting
Posted 2/27/2017 - UCCE, and the Strawberry Commission with the generous sponsorship of the BASF Corporation are putting on a short preseason workshop on how to get the most out of managing mites in strawberry. Agenda below. 

Presentations Now Posted for 2017 Annual Caneberry Meeting
Posted 2/16/2017 - Ask and ye shall receive.  A good number of you have asked to see the powerpoints for the presentations from this last Caneberry Meeting and here they are. I also understand that some were not able to make it out on Tuesday, for example dipping...

2017 Annual Strawberry Production Research Meeting Presentations
Posted 2/6/2017 - All of the presentations from the strawberry meeting this past Friday are posted here. Many thanks to all of the speakers for coming out and making this such a special event.     http://ucanr.edu/2017 annual strawberry meeting talks HUGE...

Warm-wet chill vs Sunny chill
Posted 1/26/2017 - People who care about chill might want to spend a moment on this as the article linked below refers to different qualities of environmental chill. The following article is for pistachios, but conceptually the thesis applies to our berry culture on...

Announcing the 2017 UCCE Annual Caneberry Meeting
Posted 1/23/2017 - Announcing the 2017 Annual Caneberry meeting.  Meeting will be held at the UC Cooperative Extension office at 1430 Freedom Blvd (Suite E) in Watsonville on February 14.  Solid material from start to finish - following a brief regulatory...

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