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Extension Meeting: Management of Gophers and Groundsquirrels
Posted 10/8/2018 - To be held at our office at 1430 Freedom Blvd, Suite E in Watsonville on October 24.  Sign in starts at 730 am and the meeting goes to noon. Get here early, looks to be a pretty heavily subscribed event.  Agenda below.

Article: What it Takes to Successfully Introduce Mechanization of Harvest into a Cropping System
Posted 9/7/2018 - The following is an article from a California Agriculture magazine published in the year 2000, and in using two case studies from California, is quite instructive on what it takes to successfully introduce mechanization and automation into a cropping...

Redberry Mite in Primocane Blackberries?
Posted 9/6/2018 - No, I don't think so and see for yourself with the photo series below.  I have quite a few more of these pictures, but I think you'll get the point with the two series posted. I've been getting a host of questions concerning what appears to be...

Is There a Botanist in the House?
Posted 9/2/2018 - A recent page one article in a major American newspaper lamented the declining number of skilled botanists in the US. Something about animals being more interesting, with the net result that we are left with very few people who can distinguish between...

Spotlight on Farming Strawberries Indoors
Posted 8/19/2018 - It looks like even the Wall Street Journal has caught the urban farming bug.  Link to article below out of their "The Future of Everything" series, followed by my...

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