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Management of Anthracnose with Pre-Plant Fungicide Dip Treatments in 2016

Very nice presentation of management with pre-plant fungicidal dips of anthracnose given by Gerald Holmes of CalPoly of work he did together with Jim Adaskaveg, Doug Gubler, Stacy Haack, Helga Foerster and Kelly Ivors did earlier this year.

Look at the presentation, it's very well done.  The upshot (copied directly from the concluding slide) is as follows:

1. Actinovate had NO efficacy on anthracnose in the conditions of this study.

2. Azoxystrobin (Abound) is highly effective in controlling Colletotrichum if the strain is sensitive, but not effective if the strain is resistant.

3. Switch is highly effective as a dip in controlling Colletotrichum in all the cases of this study.  No phytotoxicity was detected in the conditions of this study (ie 4 minute dip with agitation, followed by 5 to 10 minutes drip drain).

4. Two new compounds, EXP-13 and Syngenta-2 (not registered yet) were found with high efficacy.


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Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 3:37 PM
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