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Title Extra virgin pure olive oil
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Photo Information Extra virgin pure oliva oil made from spanish arbequine olives, File #: 6246664, Small 820 × 585 px 468.45 KB, Olive Oil, Olive, Cooking Oil, Food, Bowl, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Purity, Leaf, mediterranean diet, Green Olive, premium, Liquid, Organic, Large Group of Objects, Healthy Eating, Directly Above, Green, Nobody, Studio Shot, Horizontal, Freshness, Heap, arbequine, Circle, Yellow, Photography, Color Image
Description Contract Development, UCD SDPS NEO (UCN203),00 DMs Working Folder, Nugget stuff, Nugget Photos, Olives, Old
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Title Blueberry plant 3
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Dawson, Brenda
Communications Coordinator
Description from Blueberry Field Day, Kearney Agricultural Center, 2008.
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Title Mature pomegranate fruit on trees growing adjacent to citrus grove.
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Photo Information Subject: Scenic shot
Scientific Name: none
Crop or Host: Citrus, Pomegranate
Date of Image: 9/2007
UC IPM Identifier: S-CI-SCEN-BS.040
Photographer: David Rosen
Description Pomegranate (foreground) and citrus crops (background), Tulare Co.
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