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Paper: Evaluating the Utility of an Electrostatic Sprayer and a Tractor Mounted Vacuum for Lygus Management in Strawberry
Posted 8/8/2018 - Former UCCE Entomology Advisor Shimat Joseph and I just had the linked paper below published in Crop Protection. Excellent overview of the lygus problem in California strawberries and evaluation of a combination of bug-vac use and the insecticide...

Armyworms on the March
Posted 7/31/2018 - Interesting farm call this morning. A strawberry grower near Watsonville reported a large group of worms (caterpillars) migrating north out of the mixed cover crop including barley and mustard. These worms were identified by our new...

Perishable Commodities Act Meeting August 2
Posted 7/25/2018 - UC Cooperative Extension is hosting a Perishable Commodities Act meeting at its office on 1430 Freedom Blvd, Ste E in Watsonville on August 2. See flyer posted below for details.  

Crossing the River While Feeling the Rocks
Posted 7/21/2018 - I don't write too much about it in this space because it tends more in the area of "shop talk" for us in extension, but a great interest of mine is how one successfully executes a program of extension. One of the temptations for the new extensionist is...

Posted 7/17/2018 - We found them.  Referring back to the previous post, as our readers know we've been looking for spotted wing drosophila pupae under fruit in raspberries, and now on the second read have confirmed that they are indeed pupating within a centimeter of...

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