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Title Viognier Wine Grape Clusters
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Photo Information Common Name: Viognier
Resource: Technical Editors-Christensen, Dokoozlian, Walker and Wolpert. Contributing Authors-Bettiga, Golino, McGourty, Smith, Verdegaal and Weber
Source: Publication 3419
Media Library Number: 3419_Viognier.jpg
Agriculture:Crops:Fruit & Nut Crops
Notes: Viognier Wine Grapes
Clusters_medium long-cylindrical with broad shoulders, well-filled to compact; medium peduncles.
Berries_small; round to short oval; yellow and amber when ripe; distinct aromatic flavor when fully ripe.
Clark, Jack Kelly
Principal Photographer
Communication Services and Information Technology
Description Viognier Wine Grapes: Wine Grape Varieties in California

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