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Foothill Grape Day 2016: Healthy Vines, Fine Wines

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Time: 7:30 a.m. - Noon (with lunch to follow)
Location: Amador County Fairgrounds, Spur Emporium Building

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Agenda and Speakers

Welcome. Foothill update. How much water do vines really use?

Lynn Wunderlich, UCCE Central Sierra Farm Advisor
Lynn has been the UCCE Farm Advisor in the Central Sierra for 15 years, and has served the wine grape industry since 2008. She will give an update on what she's currently seeing in the field and present the latest results from her collaborative research project measuring ET from grapevines grown on slopes.


The effect of cultural practices on winegrape composition.

Kaan Kurtural
Kaan Kurtural, UCCE Viticulture Specialist
Dr. Kaan Kurtural began November 2015 as our new Cooperative Extension Specialist in Viticulture (replacing Jim Wolpert's position). Kaan's research focuses on: 1) improving production efficiency in vineyards by using vineyard mechanization and applied water amounts; 2) identifying quality improvement traits in berry composition; and 3) evaluating alternative methods of  invasive species pest control. 

Grapevine plant pathology: highlights of 33 years of extension research and outreach.

Doug in Vineyard
Doug Gubler, UCCE Plant Pathology Specialist
Dr. Doug Gubler has been a UC Plant Pathology Specialist for grapes for over 30 years, making valuable contributions to research and extension in grapevine disease management.  Rumor has it that Doug is going to retire soon...he will present highlights of his career including canker disease and powdery mildew management.

Red Blotch vector update.

Dr. Brian Bahder, UC Davis Entomology Post-Doctoral Researcher.
Dr. Brian Bahder made headlines in the grape industry earlier this year when he announced his research findings identifying the 3-cornered alfalfa treehopper as a Red Blotch virus vector in greenhouse studies. Brian will present this work and the latest news on Red Blotch vector research.


The effect of red blotch virus on winegrape and wine composition.

Anita Oberholster, UCCE Enology Specialist
Dr. Anita Oberholster has served as the UCCE Enology Specialist since 2011. Her specialty is wine chemistry and she has numerous research projects investigating the effects of various vineyard and winery practices on wine composition. Anita will present her research results on the effects of red blotch virus on wine chemistry.

The status of leafroll and red blotch virus in the foothills.
Lynn Wunderlich

Cooperation is the key to combat grapevine viruses.

Neil McRoberts, Dept. of Plant Pathology, UC Davis
Dr. Neil McRoberts is a UC Davis Plant Pathology Professor with a unique area of study: he looks at disease movement in vineyards including the impacts of decisions made by vineyard managers.  Neil will present research he's done on how collaboration amongst vineyard managers can impact disease prevalence. 

Lunch and wine tasting to follow the program.

**NOTE: Please bring wine to share. We will not otherwise be soliciting wine donations.**

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