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Foothill Grape Day 2018

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2018
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 (lunch included)
Location: Amador County Fairgrounds, Pokerville Hall

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Vine Balance - Agenda and Speakers

Setting the Stage: Factors Affecting Foothill Site Capacities

Lynn Wunderlich, UCCE Central Sierra Farm Advisor
Lynn has been the UCCE Farm Advisor in the Central Sierra for 18 years, and has served the wine grape industry since 2008. During this time, Lynn has visited vineyards across the four counties and has seen the variety of site factors affecting vine growth and crop load.  Lynn will present an overview of natural resource considerations for growing a vineyard in the foothills.


Below Ground Factors Influencing Vine Balance

Mark Battany 122
Mark Battany, UCCE San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbera County Viticulture Farm Advisor.  Mark is a respected expert in the area of soils and water management of grape vines.  He has done extensive work looking at improving vineyard irrigation efficiency and soil salinity management.  He has contributed to innovative ways of measuring vine canopy using the "Paso Panel" and has done work on frost prevention and measuring temperature inversions on the "farm scale".  Mark received the 2014 "Outstanding Research Distinguished Service Award" recognizing his contributions to viticulture.



Pruning and Training Principles for Balanced Vines

Larry Bettiga is the UCCE Viticulture Farm Advisor in Monterey County.  He has conducted numerous studies on the effects of cultural practices, rootstock and clonal selection on grapevine growth and productivity, including recent work on the effect of planting uber vines. Larry is the 2017 American Society of Enology and Viticulture Extension Distinction Award recipient.



Canopy Management in the Mature Vineyard

Rhonda Smith 2110
Rhonda Smith, UCCE Sonoma County Viticulture Advisor.  Rhonda has been serving the winegrape industry for nearly 30 years and is a respected authority on viticulture practices in California.  Her recent work has included researching the effects of red blotch disease on winegrape quality. She received the UCANR 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Teamwork related to her contribution to stopping the spread of the invasive pest European grapevine moth.




Crop Load Management of Young Vines

George Zhuang 27906
George Zhuang, UCCE Fresno County Viticulture Farm Advisor
George sees the biggest challenge in the near future is to understand how to increase production (yield and quality) with fewer resources (water, labor and chemicals). George's research focuses on the practical side of grape growing in the Valley to make the industry more sustainable and competitive on a global scale.  


Inherent Characteristics Affecting Balance of Common Footill Grape Varieties

Glenn McGourty 1483
Glenn McGourty, UCCE Mendocino County Viticulture & Plant Science Advisor.  Glenn has a passion for winegrowing and has a wide breath of knowledge on unique grape varieties and growing practices.  He has done work on biodynamic winegrowing, cover cropping, frost prevention and most recently smoke taint.  Glenn's enthusiastic personality make him a favorite grape day speaker!





Vine Balance Effects on Fruit Quality

Kaan Kurtural, UC Davis Viticulture Specialist, Dept. of Viticulture and Enology.
Dr. Kaan Kurtural began November 2015 as our Cooperative Extension Specialist in Viticulture (replacing Jim Wolpert's position). Kaan has developed numerous projects in viticulture, making significant contributions in the areas of vineyard mechanization and practices related to winegrape quality.


Estimating Yield and Adjusting Fruit Load: A Grower's Perspective

Ann Kraemer
Ann Kraemer, Vineyard Manager, Yorba Wines and Shake Ridge Ranch.  Known for her inquisitive mind and meticulous vineyard practices, Ann has helped make her family's Shake Ridge Ranch fruit sought after by both foothill and North Coast winemakers.  Ann will share her experience in estimating and adjusting crop load to achieve vine balance.







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