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Mealybug Information

General mealybug information:

Mealybugs are tiny insects taxonomically placed in the Order Hemiptera; they are related to aphids and scale insects and are an important group worldwide for the damage they can do to agriculture crops.

  • Mealybugs feed on plant phloem from many parts, often producing copious amounts of honeydew, which is often the first noticed sign of a mealybug presence.
  • Some species have the ability to transmit plant disease, such as leafroll virus.
  • Mealybugs generally have flattened, elongated oval bodies that are covered by a powdery white wax. Species can be distinguished by the presence and length of body and anal filaments.

Which mealybug is it, why should you care? Practical Winery & Vineyard, January/February, 2006.
A good primer on distinguishing Grape, Obscure and Vine mealybug based on monitoring studies conducted in the North Coast, including timing for control.

Field Identification of mealybugs on grapes. A handy picture id. guide to identifying the major species.

Grape mealybug UC IPM guidelines  Gill's mealybug is not yet included here. Contact Lynn for pesticide information updates.

Vine mealybug UC IPM guidelines

Sampling program for grape mealybugs improves pest management. California Agriculture, May-June 2001.
Information on grape mealybug monitoring study with information on distribution of mealybugs on the vine at different times of the year, affecting management decisions.