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Becoming a California Naturalist

For information on how to become a certified California Naturalist, please visit the state-wide website at: http://ucanr.edu/sites/UCCNP/ There you will find information on upcoming training programs.

All certification trainings use the same curriculum and have the same goals including:

Subjects covered:

  • Ecology
  • geology
  • water
  • plant communities
  • interpretation
  • wildlife
  • food webs
  • energy transfer

Program Goals

  • To promote environmental literacy and stewardship of California's natural resources
  • To increase participation in resource conservation and citizen science projects throughout the state
  • To develop a core constituency of committed and educated citizens willing and able to participate in resource conservation, preservation, and restoration efforts
  • To provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to educate others and participate in many aspects of resource management, such as public education, resource planning and public decision-making
  • To provide the communication experience and critical thinking skills necessary to grow a citizen base that supports environmental protection and sustainable growth in California
  • To support partner organizations as they implement the program

Benefits to the Participant

  • A new appreciation for and knowledge of California’s unique ecology and natural history
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • New skills for volunteer and professional enrichment
  • Special knowledge of and access to local resources, ecology and natural areas
  • Access to new venues for creative and hobby activities such as bird watching, sketching, photography, etc.
  • Fellowship with other California Naturalist participants throughout the state
  • The excitement of being part of the venerable tradition of naturalists throughout history and an innovative new program for natural resource stewardship.

More information about the California Naturalist program.

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