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Nutrition News for the Central Sierra

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Issue Newsletter Type Date Added
Nutrition News -March 2020

Inside this issue:

  • COVID-19 Community Resources
  • New & Noteworthy during COVID-19
  • Food Safety & Cooking at Home
  • Nutrition Education Spotlight
    • Online Resources and Activities for Families
  • March Harvest of the Month
    • Chard
PDF 3/30/20
Nutrition News - February 2020

Inside this issue:

  • 2019 Annual Report for the Central Sierra CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program
  • Harvest of the Month: Dry Beans
  • New & Noteworthy
    • ChooseMyPlate.gov
    • Food & Exercise
    • Choose the Best Diet for You
  • Nutrition Education Spotlight
    • CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program Year in Review
PDF 3/2/20
Nutrition News - December 2019

Inside this issue

  • Healthy Holidays Tips
  • Harvest of the Month: Cabbage
  • News & Noteworthy
    • CDC: Schools Aren't Doing Enough to Teach Kids About Nutrition
    • Eat for 10 Hours, Fast for 14. This daily habit prompts weight loss, study finds.
    • America is About to Experience a Sugar Shortage
  • Nutrition Education Spotlight: Teens Making a Difference in Amador County
PDF 2/7/20
Nutrition News - November 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Global Giving: GivingTuesday
  • Harvest of the Month: Persimmons
  • New & Noteworthy
  • How Snap Participants Experienced the 2018-2019 Government Shutdown and Snap Benefit Disruption
  • We Need the Food that We Lost - Low Income Families Still Reeling From Blackouts
  • Carbon Dioxide Levels this Century Will Alter Protein, Micronutrients, and Vitamin Content of Rice Grains
  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Release Toxic Compounds from Fat Into the Bloodstream
PDF 2/6/20
Nutrition News - October 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Celebrate Farm to School Month
  • Harvest of the Month: Apples
  • New & Noteworthy
    • Free School Lunch Improves Test Scores
    • Blood Sugar and Brain Health
    • Marketing Toddler Foods
  • Nutrition Education Spotlight: Farm to Camino Elementary
PDF 2/6/20
Nutrition News - September 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Snack Healthy
  • Harvest of the Month: Melons
  • New & Noteworthy
    • ChooseMyPlate.gov
    • Healthy Snack Day
    • Intermittent Fasting & Immunity
    • UC Breastfeeding Research
    • Fresno Bee Article
    • Snacking on Nuts Helps Maintain Weight
  • Nutrition Education Spotlight
PDF 10/2/19