Livestock and Range Management

UC Cooperative Extension provides information about weed control, native grasses, oak woodland conservation and ranch water quality to landowners, ranchers and others concerned with rangeland conservation in the Central Sierra Foothill Counties. UC Cooperative Extension also conducts continuing research on forage production as described below.

Forage Production Study

In 1995 Cooperative Extension initiated a study to monitor forage production at set locations across the foothill area within El Dorado, Amador and Calaveras Counties.  Permanent locations were established near Latrobe, El Dorado, Sutter Creek, Ione, Copperopolis, Paloma and Mountain Ranch.  This continuing long term study has demonstrated the wide variation in forage production among years, with fluctuations as large as 600% at some locations.  These results reconfirm that temperature and rainfall distribution are the key drivers in determining the total annual forage production.  Information from this study is also being utilized to determine the extent to which the forage produced in one year breaks down over the summer in the absence of livestock grazing, a missing piece of information critical to the management of residual dry matter and for protection of foothill rangeland soils.

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