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UCCE Master Gardeners of Lake Tahoe

Master Gardeners are community members who have been trained under the direction of the University of California Cooperative Extension. Each volunteer has completed more than 50 hours of formal classroom training. Master Gardeners, agents of the University of California, assist the UC Cooperative Extension by providing practical, scientific gardening information to the home gardeners in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The Lake Tahoe Master Gardeners extend research-based information by:

  • answering questions via phone, email hotlines and at events
  • offering workshops and classes
  • publishing articles in newsletters, local newspapers and social media.

UCCE Master Gardeners of Lake Tahoe 2014
UCCE Master Gardeners of Lake Tahoe 2014
Our Mission

Lake Tahoe Master Gardeners strive to meet the horticulture needs of Lake Tahoe Basin gardeners through development and implementation of programs that transfer research-based knowledge and information using volunteers who have received training and certification from the University of California.

If you would like to receive information about becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer place your contact information on our Interest List.

Contact Us

Physical and mailing address:

UCCE Master Gardener of Lake Tahoe
870 Emerald Bay Suite 108
South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96150


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