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Central Sierra

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Garden Theme: an easy care yard with a patio area and water feature for Spring through Fall enjoyment.

Honeysuckle - garden tour 2015
We purchased our home in December of 1987 and the yard was just pine trees, aspen, and dirt. We were surprised to have some beautiful large flowers emerge in the Spring which we later learned were peonies! As we slowly remodeled our home, we added deciduous trees, shrubs, perennials, and replaced existing hardscape such as a deck, patios, and walkways, and of course added the notorious BMP’s!

It has been a learning process over the years to find what grows best in our yard, since we have areas of full sun to full shade. We are not afraid to transplant, but if a plant is too finicky, it goes! We have amended the soil yearly with loads of compost, which has helped the worm population, and slow release fertilizer granules, which help keep the perennials going. We are currently working on replacing the lawn areas in the front and back with drought tolerant alternatives, and converting to drip irrigation. After 27 years, our yard is still evolving! Our favorite spot is the patio where we enjoy eating outside as much as possible spring through fall. We can listen to the soothing sounds of the water feature while enjoying the fruits of our labor!

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