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Natural Resources

Oaks Rangeland
Our Natural Resource Program provides forestry, wildlife, rangeland, watershed management and other natural resource related information to a wide variety of county residents and visitors. The goal is to promote sound management and conservation of the region's natural resources, through research, educational activities, and good working relationships with a broad range of people.

The main clientele for this program are

  • private landowners
  • resource management professionals working on private, State and Federal lands
  • other groups such as
    • users of public lands
    • conservation organizations
    • the agriculture and forest products industries

The Natural Resources Program examines forest resources and hardwood rangeland including soil, water, vegetation and wildlife.

Would you like information about our workshops?

We offer workshops throughout the year on various subject matter such as, Pond Management, Invasive Weed Control, and Wildfire - Protecting Your Home, just to name a few. Please add your name to the Join our Mailing List on the top menu to receive information on our next workshop.