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What is FSNEP?

The Food Stamp and Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP) is a federally-funded program which provides nutrition education to food stamp recipients, and thereby, improves dietary quality and increases self-sufficiency.

Who are the staff?

FSNEP staff are professional employees of the University of California Cooperative Extension.  Training is provided on an ongoing basis to keep staff up-to-date with changing nutrition information.  Staff is supported by a county advisor and FSNEP staff in the state office.

Where is the  program offered?

FSNEP is offered in targeted low-income areas within Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties.  Programs are at school sites, youth serving agencies, recreation and community centers. The programs are funded to serve adults and children from low-income families.  The activities are suitable for adults and children 6-19 years of age.

When are the programs offered?

Different programs are offered at different times throughout the year, although some, such as gardening, are best suited for a particular time of the year.

How can we participate?

Agencies, schools, and volunteer leaders may call the office about scheduling a consultation appointment with the FSNEP Program Advisor.  At this consultation, the Advisor will discuss the programs, agency responsibilities, program schedules and any other necessary information.

Programs offered
"Eating Right is Basic", Adults and Youth

A program to increase awareness and introduce the Food Guide Pyramid to help adults and youth choose what and how to eat from each food group to get the nutrients not the calories.  This program includes activities on Food Safety practices, and participants learn about a variety of low-fat, low-sugar foods and high-fiber foods.

"Kitchen Science", 6-12 year olds

Provides a collection of fun, science activities that explore the sensory physical and chemical properties of nutrients in foods that the body needs to function.

"Blue Sky Below My Feet", 6-12 year olds

Explores space technology and how it relates to life on earth.  Activities in the topic areas of nutrition, food safety, food drying and rocketry.

"Gardening", 6-12 year olds

Children will discover the magic of how things grow and watch garden creatures at work! They will experience the excitement of planting a seed, watching it grow and harvesting its fruit. Children will learn the connection of gardening to nutrition.

"Gateway To A Better Life", Adults

A  curriculum emphasizing workforce preparedness.  Behavior change is a priority in the curriculum design.

Year 'Round Training Workshops for Teachers, Agency Staff and Volunteers

Training programs offered to help those working with children create exciting, hands-on nutrition education programs.


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