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Proof of Life
Posted 7/27/2016 - Sometimes caregivers, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors, take photos of babies to show "proof of life." They post them for the parents to see, admire and confirm. It's delightful to see images of your offspring while you're on...

Bully in the Bee Garden
Posted 7/26/2016 - He's the bully in the bee garden. If you've ever watched the male European wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) patrolling "his" flower patch, you'll see him targeting insects several times larger than he is. Take the case of the Valley carpenter bee...

The UC Davis Version of 'The Splash Brothers'
Posted 7/25/2016 - What do UC Davis entomologists and other scientists do for fun and camaraderie after working hard 52 weeks of the year? Well, if you're Bruce Hammock, distinguished professor of entomology with a joint appointment with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer...

Breaking News: Zika Virus Found in Wild-Caught Culex
Posted 7/22/2016 - The news is out.  It's what they've been searching for. In a groundbreaking discovery, a scientific team of Brazilians and Brazilian-born chemical ecologist Walter Leal of the University of California, Davis, has announced that the Zika virus has...

From Venomous Scorpions to Neuropathic Pain Research
Posted 7/21/2016 - Fascinating stories in the scientific world... Have you heard about the entomologist who went from researching venomous scorpions to alleviating human neuropathic pain? That would be Bora Inceoglu, who holds a doctorate in entomology from the...

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