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Pardon Me, Is This My Best Side?
Posted 9/21/2017 - She's easy to find. A European praying mantis, Mantis religiosa,  hangs out in our passionflower vine, Passiflora, the host plant of the Gulf Fritillary butterfly. Mantis religiosa is an introduced species, that is, non-native. We introduce...

Bee-ing All You Can Be and See and Do
Posted 9/20/2017 - What a weekend for bee and gardening enthusiasts! It's a shame we all can't clone ourselves and be in two places at the same time! The 40th annual Western Apicultural Society conference at the University of California, Davis, just concluded and now...

Bohart Museum Open House: How to Pin a Butterfly
Posted 9/19/2017 - When the UC Davis Bohart Museum of Entomology hosts an open house, "Insects and U" on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 24, for the public to get acquainted with insects, it will also be a time to get acquainted with entomologist Jeff Smith, curator of the...

The Day That The Beetles Invaded the Bohart
Posted 9/18/2017 - Just call it "The Day that the Beetles Invaded the Bohart." That would be the recent open house at the Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California, Davis, on "Bark Beetles and Forest Health," coordinated by USDA Forest Service research...

Bohart Museum Open House: 'Insects and U'
Posted 9/15/2017 - Mark your calendar! Here's an opportunity--especially for new students and prospective students at the University of California, Davis and their families--to learn about insects. While students are moving into the dorms on Sunday, Sept. 24, an open...

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