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Meet Your Entomologists Who Study Everything from Soapberry Bugs to Monarchs
Posted 9/23/2016 - A good place to meet entomologists and learn about what they're researching is at seminars. The UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology has announced the list of speakers for the fall seminars. Agricultural entomologist and seminar coordinator...

Fluttering Along on a Butterfly Tour
Posted 9/22/2016 - They explored the amazing diversity of butterflies. Nearly 90 butterfly enthusiasts--from senior citizens to pre-schoolers--met up with entomologist Joel Hernandez last Sunday for his second annual talk and tour on "Butterflies Up Close," sponsored by...

There's a Genetic Component to the Host Choice of This Malaria Mosquito
Posted 9/20/2016 - A mosquito that feeds on both humans and cattle and is the primary vector of malaria in east Africa is making headlines. And well it should. Research led by UC Davis medical entomologists and published in the Sept. 15 edition of PLOS Genetics,...

Her Shoes Are as Magical and Enchanting as Lightning Bugs
Posted 9/19/2016 - She's known fondly as "The Wasp Woman" (wasps are her specialty) and now she may be known as "The Entomologist with the Magic Shoes." Everyone will see her coming. And going. Folks at the UC Davis Bohart Museum of Entomology recently gifted their...

Why They're Cautioning: 'Use Antimicrobials Wisely'
Posted 9/19/2016 - UC Davis evolutionary ecologist Scott Carroll and colleagues are on a mission. When the United Nations meets Sept. 21 in New York, they want the UN to reframe its action on the global antimicrobial drug resistance (AMR) crisis. It's crucial. How...

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