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  • Home Landscaping Guide for Lake Tahoe and Vicinity -
  • How to Install Best Management Practices in the Lake Tahoe Basin -
  • Lake Tahoe Invasive Weed Website - The Lake Tahoe Basin Weed Coordinating Group works to stop the introduction and spread of invasive weeds.
  • Living with Wildfire in the Tahoe Basin - The Living With Fire program helps inform residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin on how they can live more safely in high fire hazard environments. The purpose website provides information on what to do before (create defensible space), during (procedures for evacuation) and how to cope after a wildfire does occur and help your landscape recover.
  • Tahoe Fire Commission - Follow the activities of the Lake Tahoe Basin Fire Commission established in July 2007 to consider various approaches to reducing the threat of wildfire in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The Commission will evaluate fuel management practices used in the basin, recommend changes to reduce vulnerability to wildfire, and recommend ways to effectively educate homeowners on fuel reduction and fire protection methods.
  • Tahoe Fire & Fuels Team - Informational site on the Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team. The team includes local fire agencies and state and federal land managers working together to reduce forest fuels in the Lake Tahoe basin.
  • Tahoe Fire Safe - Get Defensive! Find out more about how to create defensible space, participate in defensible rebate program and what’s going on with reducing fire risk at Lake Tahoe.
  • Tahoe Fire Safe Council -
  • Tahoe Resource Conservation District (TRCD) is one of nearly 3000 conservation districts across the country helping people protect land, water, forests, wildlife and related natural resources. Current programs focus on erosion control, runoff infiltration, invasive species control, and native landscaping. TRCD staff is also available for assistance with fire defensible space, water conservation, fertilizer management and wildlife habitat enhancement.
  • University of Nevada Cooperative Extension - UNCE provides technical expertise, outreach and education on maintaining water quality in the Lake Tahoe basin.
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