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Returning Youth Members

Steps to enrolling a Returning Member

To re-enroll, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Update membership information. 

Update enrollment in ZSuite. Select the "Enroll for (current program year)" for the renewing member.

Update personal information. Make sure all of your personal information is up to date, including email address. Email is the primary way you will receive communication.

Update your 4-H participation. Only select the club, projects and groups that you will be participating in for the new year. Remove any clubs or projects that you will not be actively participating in.

The 4-H Enrollment System will be closed from June 23th through August 15th.
Enrollment for the 2023-2024 year will begin noon August 15th


Step 2: Submit your program fees.

Pay your program fee online or to your county 4-H office.

Your membership renewal is pending until your county 4-H office confirms payment and reviews that all renewal information and fees are submitted.

4-H Youth enrollment fee for the 2024-2025 program year is $71.00. 

(NOTE: There is a $2.84 non-refundable service fee added per youth when paying by credit card.)

Step 4: Required Reading

By enrolling in the 4-H Youth Development Program you are agreeing to the following (see your county's enrollment policies and guidelines below):

Step 4: Enrollment Complete, Participate!

Participate! Check your Family email account for the confirmation that your renewal is active. If you used a paper enrollment form, you will have to check with your county 4-H Program Representative for your membership status. Once your membership is active, you may participate in 4-H events and activities!

You may not begin participating in 4-H activities until both steps have been completed.  

You may access your 4-H enrollment profile at any time of the year to change what projects you are enrolled in, update your health information, etc. Note: Youth must be enrolled in projects with the ultimate goal of participating/competing before the first project meeting.

If you have any questions about re-enrolling a youth member, please contact the Central Sierra 4-H office at 530-621-5503.

Need Help

Confused? Please go to our ENROLLMENT HELP page for assistance.