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Matchmaking grazing animals with grass and rangelands

Cattle on rangeland
In the wake of the devastating wildfires that have affected California in the past few years, many municipalities adopted stringent weed abatement & fire code enforcement policies. This has led to a demand for cost effective, practical vegetation management services such as contract grazing. UCCE Sonoma developed a STATEWIDE PROGRAM that we would like you to share with your landowners, ranchers, grazing operations and agencies with public owned lands:
Match.Graze: matchmaking grazing animals with grass and rangelands.
This is for landowners who need grazing services and for those with livestock or a grazing service looking for grazeable land. The Match.Graze program connects landowners and grazers.
This website is a map of California with pins representing landowners who would like grazing services and livestock owners who provide grazing services. And it is free!
Visit MatchGraze.com, set up your free account, create a pin on and make a match.