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Serving Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado and Tuolumne counties

April 2012


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The Fisher Team is determining the limiting factors for the Pacific Fisher (Martes pennanti) population through the life of the SNAMP project in the southern site. During the last 2-3 months the SNAMP Team has been very busy with Fall and Winter season trapping, while also conducting camera surveys focused in and around the Key Watersheds part of the Fisher Study Area. Fall and Winter is typically the busiest and most critical period of the year for trapping; our goal is to capture as many of the juvenile "young of the year" fishers prior to late winter-spring when a good number of these animals will disperse out of the study area. (Read more...)


Save the Dates


Description: Description: UCCE Logo - TransparentFoothill Grape Day 2012

June 7th, 2012, Ironstone Winery, Calaveras County.


4-H Events


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4-7: Angelus Ranus 4-H Youth Poultry Show
4-10: Livestock Ethics Class
4-21: Home Arts Expo

El Dorado
4-14: Home Arts Day
4-14: Movie Night
5-5: Round Up

4-14 Sectional Presentation Day
4-28: Mother Lode Fair Pre-Weight
4-28: Hi 4-H Disneyland Trip


MFP Classes


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Public Education Classes - July - October


MG Classes


Description: Description: MG Logo - TransparentFree Gardening Classes offered by Master Gardeners


April 10: Color in the Garden: Annuals, Perennials,Cut Flowers & Bulbs

April 21: Plant Sale

April 28: Open Garden Day Gardening in the Shade

El Dorado
April 14: Irrigation
April 21: Trees & Shrubs
April 28: Plant Sale

April 14: Open Garden Day Soil Preparation,
Garden Planting, & Vermicomposting & Composting Lesson



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Dear Robin,

What's happening at your UC Cooperative Extension Central Sierra? We have some workshops coming up that you may be interested in attending. Read on for more information


UCCE Central Sierra Job Openings

4-H Program Representative and Nutrition Educator Program Representative positions
in El Dorado County & Student Assistant I position in Amador County

We are recruiting for a 4H Program Representative and a Nutrition Educator in El Dorado County.  The 4-H position will be a part of a team that provides leadership, guidance, and coordination for the Central Sierra 4-H Program.  And the Nutrition Educator position will work with the Expanded Food and Nutrition Program. We are also recruiting for a Student Assistant I position in Amador County that will be focusing on general office support as well as other areas and functions of our office. Read more... 


News & Updates


Certified weed-free forage and straw is produced and available for sale in California!

And we now have a supplier list!


Description: Description: Weeds in Straw bale - weed-free forage 4-12A survey of weed-free forage suppliers and products has been completed by Wendy West and Becky Miller-Cripps, UCCE - Central Sierra, as part of the Yellow Starthistle "Stop the Spread into the Sierras" project.The weed free forage list was compiled by surveying County Agricultural Commissioners, which offer inspection services to certify materials as weed free. Certified weed-free forage is defined as: hay, feed, straw or straw mulch that has been inspected, and certified not to contain propagative plant parts or seeds of noxious weeds. The availability list is ready for use by land managers, project planners and recreationalist taking horses/livestock into the backcountry! See the complete list.  


Events & Workshops


Rural Roads: Educational Webinar Series

Description: Description: Rural Road 4-12A 3 session webinar series is being offered May 7, 14, and 21, 2012. The goal of this educational program is to provide governmental and non-governmental personnel involved with road management with a comprehensive understanding of issues, design considerations and best management practices associated with rural roads in California. For more information or to register see our

Lake Tahoe Basin Invasive Weed Identification Workshop

Description: Description: Canadian Thistle - Repository

Canadian Thistle

Landowners and managers, on-the-ground crews, trails/park staff, volunteers, residents and visitors should attend this workshop to learn about biology and reproduction of invasive plants. Learn how to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive weeds. Regional experts will provide hands-on identification of thistles, knapweeds, brooms, toadflax species and other terrestrial weeds of concern in the Lake Tahoe area. For more information or to register see our UCCE Central Sierra Events and Workshops page.


Tuolumne Master Gardener Spring Tour:
Sunday, June 24th

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Garden Tour 2011

Tuolumne County Master Gardeners will host there 17th annual Spring Garden Tour, featuring higher elevation gardens and the demonstration garden on the campus of Cassina High School, 251 S. Barretta Street in Sonora, California. The self guided tour is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tickets, available May

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Garden Tour 2011

1st, are $10 per person. Tickets can be purchased at local nurseries, the UCCE Office at 52 N. Washington Street, Sonora, California and online at the Tuolumne County Master Gardeners' website .


Thank you for your continued interest in the UC Cooperative Extension Central Sierra's news, workshops, and events.



Scott Oneto
University of California
Cooperative Extension
Central Sierra


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