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July 2012
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Tahoe Wildfire Awareness Week
UC IPM Green Bulletin
4-H Volunteer Training
4-H Dates of Interest
Master Food Preserver Classes
Master Gardener Classes
New 4-H Program Representative
4-H Enrollment
CalFresh Monthly Tastings
UC Master Gardener Program Lake Tahoe Basin
Yosemite Toad & Cattle Grazing Findings
Smart Irrigation Month
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Tahoe Celebrated 3rd Annual Wildfire Awareness Week  


Fire resistant homes have fire-rated roofs, covered vents to reduce the risk of ember intrusion, fire resistant construction materials and are in good repair. Creating defensible space involves selecting and maintaining vegetation near the home, thereby reducing the risk homes will be ignited and destroyed during a wildfire. Successful evacuations during wildfires require having a plan in place and an evacuation kit assembled 


For resources on how to upgrade homes or create defensible space check the UC Center for Fire Research and Outreach at, the Living with Fire website at or contact Susie Kocher at 530-542-2571 or   

Replanting in Angora a Success


With some areas of the Angora burn having lost 100 percent of its trees, human assistance was needed to restore what a human was ultimately responsible for destroying.

Read more.


Landscaping Still A Challenge After Angora Fire  


The houses stand naked against the landscape where once grew a lush, mountain forest, where the trees would act as shields and wind screens protecting the privacy of those who live there.

Read more. 

UC IPM Green Bulletin 
The UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program is pleased to announce the publication of our latest issue of
UC IPM Green Bulletin.
Save The Dates
8/8: 4-H Volunteer Training: more information next month
4-H Events
4-H Logo - Transparent
4-H Enrollment Opens
7/26 - 7/29:

County Fair

7/1: 4-H Enrollment Opens

El Dorado
7/1: 4-H Enrollment Opens

7/1: 4-H Enrollment Opens
7/12 - 7/15:
County Fair
MFP Classes
MFP Logo - TransparentFree Classes Offered by
7/7: Jams & Jellies

8/18: Jams & Jellies

7/7: Food Safety & Basic Water Bath Canning
7/12: Food Safety & Basic Water Bath Canning
7/14: Jams & Jellies
7/19: Jams & Jellies
7/21: Dehydrating & Freezing
7/24: Christmas in July: Gifts from the Kitchen
7/28: Pickles - Relishes & Sauerkraut 
MG Classes
MG Logo - Transparent
Free Gardening Classes offered by Master Gardeners

7/14: Composting / Vermiculture
7/28: Turn off the Tap: Save Water & Money in the Garden

El Dorado
7/7: Water Efficient Gardening
7/14: Salsa Gardening
7/21: Making Worms Work for You
7/28: Bees & Butterflies

7/7: Water Conservation & Irrigation, Mulch & Shade Cloth over Berries
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News & Updates
Meet Tracy Celio - Our New 4-H Program Representative in El Dorado County!

UCCE and California 4-H welcomes Tracy Celio to El Dorado County as 4-H Youth Development Program Representative. Tracy holds a BA in Social and Environmental Science from San Diego State University. She brings with her 15 years of experience working for volunteer driven organizations specifically in youth development and community building. She has worked for Habitat for Humanity, San Diego School Garden Project and most recently, Big Brothers Big Sisters. Tracy also served in the United States Peace Corps in Central America as an Agriculture Extensionist. Tracy is very excited to join this dynamic team in delivering quality 4-H programming!

Tracy can be reached at (530) 621-5507 or by email: 

4-H Enrollment for Returning Members 


Enrollment for returning members starts July 1st and ends 4-H Logo - TransparentOctober 15th. To be eligible for fair, new members must enroll by December 1st. Please log onto to begin the process.  


Families who used the 4-H Online system last year should already be in the system and will only have to update their information. To make things easier this year, youth will not have to turn in a paper "Waiver of Liability" form to the office. Within the online enrollment system, make sure to check the box asking you to accept the "Waiver of Liability". Club Leaders and Project Leaders still need a paper copy of the Medical Release and Health History for each youth. Lastly, I encourage you to use the online payment system using a credit card. There is a link on our local UCCE registration webpage and is not processed through 4-H Online.

CalFresh Nutrition Education Tasting / Harvest of the Month

Students that attend Calaveras Unified School District's six elementary schools and middle school had the opportunity this past school year to be introduced to various fruits and vegetables made possible by the delivery of a Monthly Tasting/Harvest of the Month offered through the CalFresh Nutrition Education Program. Delivery of this program directly to the classroom resulted in allowing 2200 students access to produce they may have never had the opportunity to taste, see, touch or smell which allowed for a unique sensory experience.


An accomplishment of these Tastings was the informal dialogue created between CalFresh staff and food service. This in turn led to food service requesting recipes and feedback as to which foods the students had preferred.



In May, food service featured the Monthly Tasting/Harvest of the Month, Cool Cabbage Confetti on their salad bars at the six elementary schools.  Food service has agreed to continue working with the CalFresh staff to provide access to these foods in the cafeteria setting. 

UC Master Gardener Program to Begin in the Lake Tahoe Basin in September  


MG Logo - TransparentThe University of California (UC) Master Gardener Program extends to the public, UC research-based information about home horticulture and pest management. With the unique climate and elevation parameters of the Lake Tahoe Basin, specific, localized gardening training will be provided to a new cohort of UC Master Gardeners beginning in September 2012. In exchange for the training and materials, Master Gardeners perform volunteer services through a variety of means, extending information to the communities within the Lake Tahoe Basin.


Angora Demo Garden 
To find out more about what it takes to become a Master Gardener volunteer and if you would like to be part of this exciting Lake Tahoe training and program, please register your interest at: Master Gardener Program Lake Tahoe Basin
Or call Wendy West, Coordinator at 530-621-5533.
Yosemite Toad & Cattle Grazing in High Elevation Meadows Findings 
World-wide population declines have sharpened concern for amphibian conservation on working landscapes. Across the Sierra Nevada's national forest lands, where almost half of native amphibian species are considered at risk, permitted livestock grazing is a notably controversial agricultural activity. Cattle (Bos taurus) grazing is thought to degrade the quality, and thus reduce occupancy, of meadow breeding habitat for amphibian species of concern such as the endemic Yosemite toad (Anaxyrus [ = Bufo] canorus).
However, there is currently little quantitative information correlating cattle grazing intensity, meadow breeding habitat quality, and toad use of meadow habitat. We surveyed biotic and abiotic factors influencing cattle utilization and toad occupancy across 24 Sierra Nevada meadows to establish these correlations and inform conservation planning efforts. We utilized both traditional regression models and Bayesian structural equation modeling to investigate potential drivers of meadow habitat use by cattle and Yosemite toads. Cattle use was negatively related to meadow wetness, while toad occupancy was positively related.  Findings suggest cattle production and amphibian conservation can be compatible goals within this working landscape.

Click here for more information and to read the final report.
Events & Workshops
UCCE Collaborates with Tuolumne Utilities District for Smart Irrigation Month

UCCE Central Sierra Natural Resources program and Master Gardeners will collaborate with local water agency Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) to present effective and efficient watering strategies at the next Open Garden Day in Tuolumne County on Saturday, July 7, from 10-1.  Glen Nunnelley, TUD Engineering staff, will discuss water availability based on last winter's lower-than-normal snowpack.  Becky Miller-Cripps will provide information regarding California state conservation mandates and Master Gardener Toots Van Ruiten will demonstrate several models of drip irrigation systems.  The talk will be held at the Tuolumne Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden at 251 S. Barretta Street in Sonora. 


To help us become more aware of our watering practices, July is designated as Smart Irrigation Month by the national Irrigation Association. July is the month across most of North America when evapotranspiration rates are highest. Many of us in Cooperative Extension outreach hear the same question over and over during our hot, inland California summers.


"How much should I water?" Although there are rough and

Gauging sprinkler water output.

simple rules of thumb, the answer is, "It depends."

Effective irrigation depends on several factors - type of soil, slope, elevation, type of plants, where the plant is growing, etc.


Go to and click on "UC Guide to Healthy Lawns" to learn more.

Thank you for your continued interest in the UC Cooperative Extension Central Sierra's news, workshops, and events.
Scott Oneto
University of California
Cooperative Extension
Central Sierra
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