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Policy and Procedures

These are the program policies and procedures that govern the Shooting Sports projects in the California 4-H YDP.

Policy and Procedures Appendices:
1. Training Request and Registration Form
2. Application for Certification as a Shooting Sports Adult Volunteer
3. Shooting Sports Training Report
4. Course Evaluation Form
5. Firearms & Ammunition Storage and Transportation
6. Equipment Maintenance Log
7. Equipment Check-out Log
8. Code of Ethics

Other Forms

Air Gun Purchase Request Authorization
Ammunition Purchase Request Authorization

Risk Management

Risk Management Presentation
Risk Management Template

Additional Leader Resources

4-H Shooting Sports Program Orientation Powerpoint
List of Statewide Instructors (8/26/16)
New Leader Checklist
Shooting Sports and Air Guns Frequently Asked Questions

California Shooting Sports Match Guide

This is a tool to help shooting sports leaders plan and facilitate a local match event. 

Proficiency Levels

The California 4-H Shooting Sports Program has five (5) levels of proficiency for the Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun disciplines.

Archery Proficiency Levels I-V
Rifle Proficiency Levels I-V
Shotgun Proficiency Levels I-V

California & National 4-H Shooting Sports Websites

California 4-H Shooting Sports Webite
California 4-H Shooting Sports Facebook

National 4-H Shooting Sports Website
National 4-H Shooting Sports Facebook