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California Forest Stewardship Workshop Series
Workshop Sessions and locations to choose from.
  • February 2nd - April 13th Tribal-focused stewardship workshop: Online and at the Big Sandy Rancheria. Registration now open!
  • March 22nd - May 27, 2021: Online and in Humboldt County. Registration now open!

This workshop series will help landowners develop plans to improve and protect their forest lands in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner. The workshops will address management objectives and planning, forest restoration, fuels reduction, project development, permitting, and cost-share opportunities. Participants will connect with other landowners and learn how to collect information to develop their own management plans.


Registration for the workshop costs $60. Materials will be provided. Breakfast and lunches will be provided for in-person workshop days. Registration is available at http://ucanr.edu/forestryworskhopregistration.

Refunds for registration (minus processing fees) will be provide up to one week before the start of the session.

For More information: 

Contact Kim Ingram at kcingram@ucanr.edu or request a workshop near you

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