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Fundamentals of Beef Management, ANR Pub 3495
Fundamentals of Beef Management, ANR Pub 3495

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Preparing for the Unexpected
Posted 10/10/2017 - The Placer County agricultural community has lost a number of key members in the last several years. Several, like my friends J.R. Smith and Jim Bachman, passed away after lengthy illnesses. Others, like Eric Hansen and Tony Aguilar, were taken from...

Workshop Follow-Up: Resources for a Food Safety Plan
Posted 9/19/2017 - We had a great "On-Farm Food Safety" workshop at the end of last month at Mandarin Hill Orchard in Penryn. Fourteen of our local fruit and vegetable growers were in attendance. The workshop included a discussion of strategies for improving food safety, a...

Controlling Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats
Posted 9/11/2017 - If you've raised sheep or goats, you've doubtless seen symptoms of internal parasites. In our own sheep, these symptoms include diarrhea, general lethargy, anemia, and bottle jaw. If you've been in the business of raising sheep and goats for any length...

10 Practices That Will Reduce Your On-Farm Food Safety Risks
Posted 8/18/2017 - Everyone has a role in keeping food safe, starting with the farmer and ending with the consumer. As a farmer, you have many responsibilities, including making sure the food you produce is safe for your customers. The following is a top ten...

Mandarin Growers Test New Practices
Posted 6/20/2017 - Mandarins are considered the signature crop of the foothills. Foothill growers are challenged by poor soils, limited water, increasing pest pressure, and production costs. Many of us are employing non-traditional techniques to counter these challenges....

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