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Fundamentals of Beef Management, ANR Pub 3495
Fundamentals of Beef Management, ANR Pub 3495

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  • Fruit Drop in Unmulched Control
    Observations on Mandarin Mulching Research

    Two years ago, UCCE Placer/Nevada embarked on a study to evaluate pruning and mulching in five local mandarin orchards. In a blog posted in June 2017, I discussed the beginnings of the study, the specific treatments and what the study was hoping to...

    By Robert Bonk
    Author - Research Associate
    By Cindy Fake
    Editor - County Director, Placer and Nevada Counties, Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor
  • Barn owl flying- PC Linda Wright
    Barn Owls: Biological Control

    I usually enjoy life and growing things as a farmer, however I was excited in the recent weeks to see the remains of something most definitely dead; owl pellets under an artificial nesting site. After a couple barn owl boxes were installed last year, I...

    By Hannah Meyer
    Author - Community Education Specialist
  • If you use the labor readiness self-assessment tool listed below, part of your results will include a capture graph like this and a detailed interpretation of each labor-related area and how you can improve.
    Everything You Want to Know About Labor but Are Afraid to Ask

    Do you have questions about hiring farm employees? Are you considering making the jump from farmer to owner-operator? We have compiled a few key questions you might want to ask yourself if you answered “yes” to either of those two...

    By Hannah Meyer
    Author - Community Education Specialist
  • Happy Apple Kitchen
    Who knows??? - Operational Continuity

      The other day as I noticed the bright shoots of green from daffodil bulbs popping up from under the leaves, I was reminded of the silly little sprinklers lining the landscaped space near my family home. My grandpa had put in the great little...

    By Hannah Meyer
    Author - Community Education Specialist
  • Domenic Fino talks with a room of farmers about crop insurance options at the January 9th Farmer-to-Farmer Breakfast in Auburn.
    Did You Miss the Farmer-to-Farmer Breakfast?

      A room full of farmers came out on a rainy Wednesday morning to enjoy breakfast together. Our guest speaker, Domenic Fino of Golden Pacific Crop Insurance Services, came all the way from Dinuba, California. He is a farmer, with a family legacy...

    By Hannah Meyer
    Author - Community Education Specialist