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Fundamentals of Beef Management, ANR Pub 3495
Fundamentals of Beef Management, ANR Pub 3495

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Perfecting Your Sales Pitch
Posted 5/11/2017 - When I started my first business, I knew that I had a great product and I expected everyone to automatically realize this and purchase it. In those initial months, sales were lackluster. I couldn't believe how few people were buying and that buyers were...

Happy Irrigation Season!
Posted 4/24/2017 - Happy irrigation season for those of you who enjoy swimming more than farming. April 15 is the start of irrigation season! It may be raining and wet now but before you know it, you will need irrigation to keep your crops and pastures healthy. This is...

Start Smarter Part 2: Lessons I Learned Along the Way
Posted 4/17/2017 - In my first Starting Smarter blog post, I talked about hands-on education, business planning, market research, and crop selection (Starting Smarter Part 1). I could write a book on what I didn't know when I started farming. In Part 2, I will summarize...

Start Smarter Part 1: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Farming
Posted 3/21/2017 - When I started farming, I thought I was going to be a fantastic farmer due to my business background, personal savings, maturity, family support, and work ethic. I did benefit from those things and am farming successfully now. However, I was woefully...

Applying for a Farm Loan
Posted 2/28/2017 - There are many reasons a farm might want to apply for a loan. Capital improvements, cash flow, crop expansion and land acquisition are a few. The exact loan application process and records required will depend on your lender and your individual...

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