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Annual Financial Report

How to Prepare an Annual Financial Report

The annual report sums up what the club did for the year. (See Form 6.3 Annual Financial Report on page 37 of the UC 4-H Treasurer's Manual). Before you write it up, though, check over your work.

  • The ending balance for the previous year should be taken from the club’s Annual Financial Report from the previous year. This will be the total ending balance from your June bank statement.
  • Refer to your monthly bank statement and monthly Checkbook Balancing Form 8.3. The bank statement should include the total income, total expenses, total closing balance, any fees charged and any interest earned for each month.
  • Fill in the total income and total expenses columns for each month on the Annual Financial Report using your bank statements. You can check your math by subtracting the monthly expenses from the monthly income.
  • Add up the total income for all months. That will be your total revenue for the year.
  • Add up your total expenses for all months. These are your total expenses for the year.
  • Now subtract the total expenses for the year from the total revenue for the year. The remaining total is your final year-end balance and should equal what you show as your total closing balance on your June bank statement. If it does not, re-check the numbers and your math. If needed, contact your treasurer advisor or club leader.
  • The inventory total is the sum of the fair market dollar value of each item (or set of items) listed on Form 6.2 Annual Inventory Report.
  • Give a copy of your report to the club leader. Keep the original with your records. (Visit http://4h.ucanr.edu/Administration/Financial/ to submit your club’s Annual Financial Reporting on-line)