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All proposed fundraising activities of 4-H units and VMOs must be submitted to the UCCE county office for approval by the county director using Form 8.7 Fundraising Approval.

The county staff are responsible for assuring fundraising activities are in compliance with applicable policies.

This page is designed to help 4-H members and volunteers understand fundraising in 4-H YDP better.

Branding Toolkit

Use the branding toolkit to make sure you are in compliance with the USDA and UC ANR's branding requirements for all fundraising marketing materials.

UC ANR 4-H Branding Toolkit

Facility Use Agreements

If you are holding your fundraiser anywhere an existing facility Use Agreement is not in place, the UCCE Office will need to obtain a facility use agreement form the owner or legal custodian. The UCCE Central Sierra County director is the only county-based administrator authorized to execute license agreements. All FUA's should name 'The Regents of the University of California' as the Licensor.

Under no circumstances should 4-H YDP staff, adult volunteers or members sign FUA’s for any type of 4-H YDP activities. 


Fundraising for a Service Learning Project

4-H service-learning combines service and learning objectives with the intent that the activity changes both the recipient and the provider of the service. It involves active learning - drawing lessons from the experience of performing service work.

For more information and tools for Service Learning projects visit the UC 4-H YDP Service Learning Projects page

Temporary Food Permit

If you are selling food as pat of your fundraiser, most likely you will need to obtain a temporary food permit from your county's Environmental Health Department. Each county has it's own requirements for Temporary Food Permits.

Amador Non-Profit Registration Packet


El Dorado Non-Profit Registration Packet


Food Safety Certification

Food Safety training is required for adult volunteers who are involved with food service and preparation where the general public is involved.  This includes all fundraising and community service activities. Please note that any food related fundraisers submitted to the 4-H Office will be reviewed for club compliance with this policy.  

The University's "Make it Safe, Keep It Safe" Food Safety Education has been made available in an online format, and can be accessed at http://ucanr.edu/sites/MISKIS/Intro/. Please send a copy of your completion to the 4-H Office to be filed.

Additional Resources:

UC ANR Environmental Health & Safety Food Safety Education webpage