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Amador County's 4th Annual Farm Day A Huge Success!, 10-28-2015

Asparagus Gives an Early Crop, 1-27-2014

Building and Maintaining Fences in the High Country, 7-27-2020

California Naturalist Program, 3-2014

Capers... a crop worth growing, 5-5-2014

Compost Key to Sequestering Carbon in the Soil, 8-14-2019

Compost on Rangelands - Studying the effects of a one-time application of compost to annual rangelands

Controlling Yellow Starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) in California Rangelands using the Cal Fire Vegetation Management Program (VMP), 6-28-2020)

Discourage Bandits from your Yard, 2-4-2014

Engaging Volunteers in Professional Development, 7-24-2017

Fire Season is Here: Is Your Ranch Ready?, 8-1-2018

Foamy Bark Canker - A New Disease found on Oaks in the Foothills, 10-25-2016

Forage seeding in rangelands increases production and prevents weed invasion, 11/28/2017

Happy 100th Anniversary to the El Dorado County Farm Bureau, 7-2017

How to Buy a Christmas Tree, 12-1-2014

Is Glyphosate a Carcinogen? And Bacon too!, 2-23-2016

Make a non-combustible zone the ‘foundation’ of your firewise landscaping, 6-30-2020

My Year in Review, 7-30-2019

A New Warrior Released in the Battle to Control Yellow Starthistle - New 4/28/2021

Poinsettia - Selection & Care, 12-1-2014

Powdery Mildew Prevalent on Foothill Oaks this Year, June 2017

Project Learning Tree Facilitator’s Training held at UC Blodgett Research Forest, 7-24-2017 

Scotch Broom Gall Mite, 8-1-2014

Soap Sprays as Insecticides, 5-5-2015

The History of 4-H in El Dorado County, 11-28-2017

Tree health in a time of drought, 6-15-2015

Weird Worms, 2-10-2014

What to do about dead and dying trees?, 4-27-2016

What to Plant After the Trees Die, 3-15-2017

Yellow Starthistle - 15 million acres and counting, 3-17-2014