Sponsorships available until Feb. 16 for agtech companies to participate at AgroBaja 2024

Feb 12, 2024

Sponsorships available until Feb. 16 for agtech companies to participate at AgroBaja 2024

Feb 12, 2024

Dozens of people gather around a large machine rolling through an unplanted field and
Ag tech companies that would like to participate in AgroBaja may apply for sponsorship. FIRA USA attendees observe a field demonstration in 2022.

The VINE at UC ANR partners with GO-Biz and CDFA to subsidize agtech companies

Agricultural technology companies in California are eligible for sponsorships to participate in the upcoming AgroBaja 2024, the leading agricultural technology event taking place in Mexicali, Mexico, on March 7-9. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 16 by The VINE, an initiative at the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, in partnership with the California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

This effort is part of a broader initiative to encourage the growth and development of the agtech sector, providing a stage for California businesses to share their innovative technologies and services with the international community. The collaboration highlights a shared commitment to advancing California's position in the global agtech landscape.

To encourage participation, The VINE and UC ANR are extending a robust support package to attendees, which includes:

  • Reduced participation fees: Offering subsidized registration costs ranging from $250 to $500, enabling a wider array of companies to engage.
  • Hotel accommodations: Providing complimentary hotel stays to alleviate logistical challenges for participants.
  • Exhibition space: Allocating a dedicated pavilion area for companies to showcase their technologies and services.
  • Logistical support: Offering assistance with local transportation and equipment logistics.

"This initiative represents a significant step towards enhancing the global competitiveness of California's agtech industry," said Gabe Youtsey, chief innovation officer at UC ANR and co-founder of The VINE. "By reducing financial barriers, we are opening doors for innovative companies to showcase their solutions, connect with international stakeholders and pave the way for future collaborations. We believe that our support will ignite new opportunities for growth and innovation in the agricultural sector."

Feb. 16 is the deadline to apply. For application details and more information about AgroBaja 2024, please visit https://bit.ly/CA-Agrobaja-Delegation.

About The VINE:

The VINE, an initiative of University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, is California's agriculture, food and biotech innovation network. Our mission is to harness the power of open innovation to help industries and entrepreneurs grow and scale globally while catalyzing technology innovation and commercialization for productive, sustainable and equitable food systems. We connect entrepreneurs to a vast network of public and private sector resources, build collaborations that accelerate technology solutions to solve industry challenges, and grow regional capacity to support global innovation as an economic opportunity.



By Pamela S Kan-Rice
Author - Assistant Director, News and Information Outreach