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"Like" these UC ANR programs:

ANR news - News and updates from the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Contra Costa County Nutrition Education Program - Recipes, activities and encouragement for health eating.

Monterey County Nutrition Program - Eat less, move more, eat lots of vegetables and fruit. It's that simple. We give you the information you need to make the right choices.

Fresno County Youth Nutrition Education - The Youth Nutrition Education Program provides support and resources to Fresno County pre-school through high school teachers in low-income schools to deliver nutrition and physical activity education in their classrooms.

Foundation Plant Services - Foundation Plant Services is a unit at UC Davis providing clean "foundation" plants through its grapevine, strawberry, sweet potato, rose, and fruit and nut tree programs. The high-tech laboratory offers disease and plant DNA testing services.

UC wine, raisin & tablegrape news - Policy, weather and production issues related to grapes.

Common Ground Garden Program - Gardening information from UC Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County.

UC Cooperative Extension Livestock & Range Management - Information for Mendocino and Lake county producers

UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis - Ensuring access to healthy food and promoting the vitality of agriculture today and for future generations.

4-H -

Los Angeles County 4-H - The 4-H program in California's most populous county.

El Dorado County Master Gardeners - Sonoma County Master Gardeners, volunteers trained by UC Cooperative Extension, provide gardening information for home gardeners.

California Agriculture journal - Peer-reviewed Research and News in Agricultural, Natural and Human Resources from the University of California.

ANR Catalog - UC research-based educational products -- publications, videos, images, interactive learning, and electronic multimedia -- for sale. Several items can be downloaded for free.

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Follow ANR Tweets:

UCANR - Up-to-the-minute news about ANR

California Agriculture journal - Updates about the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources research journal

Susie Kocher @UCSierraForest - Forestry / Natural Resources Advisor UCCE Central Sierra

Grapetweets - Information for raisin, table, and wine grape growers:

MendoLakeRange - Quick updates from John Harper, the UC Cooperative Extension livestock and natural resources advisor for Mendocino and Lake counties.

Rachel Surls - Thoughts from the director of UC Cooperative Extension in Los Angeles County

Ucdavisvetmed - Updates from the UC Davis Department of Veterinary Medicine

Keatleygarvey - News related to UC Davis Department of Entomology

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Try these mobile applications.

OakMapper - To report a tree with sudden oak death symptoms, contributors may enter an address, coordinates, or mark a point on the map. For iPhone

SoilWeb - Get information about the properties of soil while standing in the field. For iPhone and Android OS

FoodSafety.gov - Get food safety answers on your smart phone.

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follow us on youtube


Follow us on YouTube:

UCANR - A collection of videos created by UC faculty and CE specialists in many Agriculture and Natural Resources subject matter.

California 4-H - A collection of videos created by 4-H staff, volunteers, and youth.

UCCE Central Sierra - a collection of videos created by UCCE Central Sierra staff and volunteers in areas of forest mortality regeneration, pest identification, nutrition and more.

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Blog Showcase - A page that highlights all UC ANR blogs, displaying photos and links to the most recent posts. The site's other features include links to the most popular posts and the top blogs.

Salinas Valley Agriculture - Highlighting agricultural developments, problems, research and issues for the Central Coast

ANR News Blog - Summaries and commentaries on current coverage of ANR in the news media.

Bug Squad Blog - Happenings in the insect world and high-quality photos of insects.

4-H Youth Development Statewide Program -

Merced 4-H Blog - Merced County 4-H Youth Development Program updates.

UC Cooperative Extension Ventura County Blog - News and information related to agriculture, nutrition, family and consumer sciences and 4-H in Ventura County.

UC Food Blog - Practical and interesting information on food policy, production, safety and consumption.

Mendocino & Lake County Livestock & Range Topics Blog - Educational information for range livestock producers and managers.

Strawberries and Caneberries Blog - Current issues and topics of general interest in strawberries and caneberries.

The California Practical Gardener - Practical and useful gardening advice for California Gardeners.

San Joaquin Valley Viticulture - Thoughts on viticulture, winemaking and issues affecting grape growing.

UC Green Blog - UC work in natural resources, pest management, climate change and sustainable agriculture.

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UC Statewide Master Gardener lecture series - Videos cover home orchards, irrigation, pest control, weeds, grass, landscape trees, and vegetable gardening.

UC Agriculture & Natural Resources series - Half-hour shows about invasive species, genetic engineering, tomato and blueberry research, sudden oak death, weeds, watersheds and many other topics.

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