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New Adult Volunteer Members

Welcome to 4-H!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 4-H adult volunteer. As a volunteer, you will play an important role in the development of young people, helping them to identify their spark and develop the skills and positive outcomes that lead to thriving. Below are the steps to becoming a volunteer. We look forward to working with you as a valuable asset to the 4-H Youth Development Program.

The State 4-H Office has implemented a new training requirement for 4-H adult volunteers in this program year 2017-2018. Before being approved in the 4hOnline enrollment system, volunteers will need to complete courses in https://campus.extension.org. Instructions for creating an account and completing these are included below.  

4-H Adult Volunteer Initial Appointment Process Steps

Step 1: Choose a Club

Find a local 4-H Club (will most likely be the club you selected for your child). 
Contact the leader to obtain more information about 4-H.

Step 2: Complete the online 4-H Volunteer Interest Survey in English or Spanish

Online 4-H Volunteer Interest Survey - mandatory.

Step 3: Sign up in 4hOnline.

Go to 4HOnline Enrollment
Submit 4-H adult volunteer application in 4hOnlineCreate a family profile (if you haven't already done so for your child), add a new adult enrollment, enter all required information, and submit. 4hOnline adult status will show as pending.

Step 4: Complete required “2018-19 California New Volunteer Training” in eXtension and complete the "In-person orientation". 

A. Go to eXtension Campus website. Create a new account, check your email and click on the confirmation link, log into eXtension and click “2018-19 California New Volunteer Training” and enter the code. See note below.

  • 4-H Volunteer Orientation Lessons (40 min)
  • Foundations of Positive Youth Development (20 min)
  • Toward an Intercultural Connected 4-H (60 min)
  • Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers (15 min)

(*Note: Once adult status is pending in 4hOnline, an email will be sent from 4hOnline with instructions to take the required trainings in eXtension and a link for the code. For technical support, please contact idevelopsupport@ucanr.edu.)

More Information About eXtension and In Person eXtension Training Options

B. Also, In addition to the online training that all volunteers must complete, there is still a County requirement for all new volunteers to attend our in-person orientation. We have set dates for the upcoming new program year and will again need RSVP's. All orientations will be held at the 4-H office. When you attend the orientation, you will also receive the Livescan paperwork to get fingerprint clearance. See your counties 4-H calendar for the orientation dates or call your 4-H office.

Step 5: Submit 4-H Program Fees.

Pay 4-H Program Fees
Submit your program fee online or to your county 4-H office. They will log in to 4hOnline to confirm when payments are received so your enrollment can be processed. In addition to the State 4-H fees, your county and club may have additional fees, depending on the project(s) you choose.

4-H Adult enrollment fees for the 2017-2018 program year are $20.00. (NOTE: There is a processing fee added when paying online.)

Step 6: Required reading

By enrolling in the 4-H Youth Development Program you are agreeing to the following (see your county's enrollment policies and guidelines below):

Step 7: Department of Justice Clearance

Complete live-scan clearance with the State Department of Justice. 
Directions and form may be obtained on our Volunteering with UCCE webpage.

The application is reviewed by the County Director.
If approved, notification will be sent from 4hOnline. If there are any limitations on the appointment, a subsequent letter will be sent. If not approved, a letter will be sent to you from the county director.

Need Help

Confused? Please go to our ENROLLMENT HELP page for assistance.

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