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Online Nutrition Education

Educational Videos

Visit our Central Sierra CalFresh Healthy Living UC YouTube page to access more than 50 short educational videos on topics including:

Harvest of the Month

Cooking at Home

Gardening at Home

Physical Activity


For Youth

Serving Up MyPlate

The CalFresh Healthy Living-UC program in the Central Sierra is currently offering the USDA nutrition education curriculum Serving Up MyPlate online to qualified school sites. This curriculum offers three sections for students in Grades 1-6. When delivered online, each section includes:

  • A pre-recorded video lesson
  • A worksheet to complete at home
  • A healthy recipe idea to make at home
  • A live virtual class lesson taught by a Nutrition Educator

Teachers interested in partnering with our program to offer this free education are invited to contact our Interim Program Supervisor to determine if your class is eligible: cnluquin@ucanr.edu.

A copy of the consent page used with our youth surveys may be found below.

Youth Consent Memo for All Central Sierra


For Adults and Teens

EatFresh.org Mini-Course

We are also offering the EatFresh.org Mini-Course for adults and teens at qualified sites. This series of short lessons on a variety of food and nutrition topics is offered entirely online, including a live introductory lesson with a local Nutrition Educator.

Anyone interested in participating may contact our Interim Program Supervisor for more details: cnluquin@ucanr.edu.